Croatia Part. 1

What a week! From spontaneous Halloween dress-ups to the beautiful coast of Croatia. You know those moments where all you feel is wow! These few days have been packed with them.

First, I follow a trail from Triest to the Slovenian mountains. On the way I meet a mountain bike teacher who is recording GPS-Tracks for his students. Turns out he is in much better shape. Or maybe it’s just the weight… Out of breath we (or for that matter I) arrive at the peak. He offers me a coffee which I gladly accept. After a little break, I continue at a more relaxing pace.


On Couchsurfing, I find a place to stay in Opatija and meet Ivo. A guy with wonderful humor and nice cycling tips. He convinces me to do some island-hopping in Croatia. The last few days proved that nature is more pleasing for me than big cities. So I decide to skip the coast and move on to the islands.


This turns out to be the most beautiful route I could have chosen. Huge olive gardens, almost no traffic, lonely beaches. I haven’t seen the sea quite a while so I enjoy every moment I get. Emotionally, I arrived at home. I got used to the streets and travelling.


After a full day ride this lovely lady shows up. She advices me to camp on a closed camping ground. In the morning a power breakfast is already cooked.


Every now and then I have to take a ferry to the next island. One time the boat was only about 10 meters long. The view after the acrobatic act of loading the bike on the boat was astonishing.


With a slight tendency downwards the landscape passes me at roughly 30 Km/h on average. I remember that song called Time flies by Porcupine Tree. Damn good song. Can’t get it out of my head.


Finding a host in Zadar on a short notice is more difficult than assumed. So I book the cheapest place/shower there is to find (see below).