Croatia Part. 2

After spending some time at the coast, my route leads me to the Krka national park. I leave my bike at the top and spend the day hiking through the park. Bridges across the various rivers give access to every corner of the spectacular waterfalls.


While searching for places for my route, Split showed up as one of the major attractions of Croatia. It is known for its history and lately as shooting location of Game of thrones.  Eager to see the Diocletian’s Palace I arrived at split. Roughly I get pulled out of my dreamy vibe as I approach the promenade. What is this?! I imagine the discussions of the city planners: “Lets spice this ancient roman city wall up with a slight modern touch” – “Yeah, good thinking. We need to flow with the time.”  In the end they came up with this cruel masterpiece of cultural destruction.


I was glad to find the inside of the palace untouched by those innovative minds. Somehow the mood inside the old city still feels magical. Definitively worth visiting.


Finally, I meet the first crazy cyclist! Together we cycle to Dubrovnik where I spend two days. He already continues the next day. The way to Istanbul is long. Maybe we cross each other one more time.


Kings landing. After walking on the city walls of Dubrovnik I understand the choice as the place to rule the seven kingdoms. The temperature is warm enough to take a swim in the sea.


Right before the border of Montenegro there is a place for filling up water bottles and showering. A sign? I hope not.