Into the mountains

I didn’t really know what to expect from Montenegro. Honestly, I was a bit scared. People talked about stone throwing kids and biting dogs. In guides they tell about its mountains, the old capital Cetinje and the Lovćen national park right next to it. I enter Montenegro with mixed feelings. Right at the first day people convinced me otherwise. I’m not sure yet if it’s my figure or people are just generous in Montenegro. I eat a lot. I mean I get invited a lot! I order a Cappuccino and get two Sandwiches for free.


As the roads get smaller, my breath gets heavier and the water shorter. Mentally I go through all my luggage and think of the stuff I could send back home to lose some weight. At the top I discontinue the “getting-rid-of-my-stuff”-plans.


Beauty has its price! My tent and bike are frozen the next morning. I can scratch a couple snowballs of the tent. First night below zero and my equipment is just starting to feel comfortable.


At the peak of the Lovćen national park there is the Njegoš-Mausoleum with the grave of Petrović Njegoš. The atmosphere up here keeps me a while busy!


While my stuff gets dry in the perfectly warm weather I study some Lonely planet guides. I am already thrilled of the well-deserved downhill.


Hmm.. The roads where clearly better at the way up. Nevertheless the fun is guaranteed and the muscles appreciate the change.


I keep getting warned about the people from the next country. Until now I was feeling welcomed in every country. The war has left its tracks and its stories are still a constant topic. Despite the friendliness towards me, I have to deal with hate against other religions and people. It is sad to hear this hatred against people who just hosted me a couple of days ago. I really hope the Balkans can overcome this issue. It would add a lot to an already great area.